take an exclusive look at the jonah hill starring promo announcing palace’s nyc store

Your favourite London boys are preparing to take NYC by storm.

by Felix Petty
27 April 2017, 10:46pm

What are you doing on the 5th of May 2017? Are you gonna be in New York? Well the Palace boys are. Because they're launching a brand new store in the Big Apple. Where? We don't actually know yet! Sorry. But it's obviously going to be totally incredibly massive, and full of your favourite Palace clothes.

What we do have, is this rather amazing promotional film starring Leo Fitzpatrick - aka your favourite downtown skate kid heartthrob - and Jonah Hill, who you may recognise from previous Palace promotional videos. In it the pair walk around New York, are confronted with a giant robotic Palace monster logo type thing, before a green fluffy dancing Palace triangle logo monster type thing starts dancing to some house music. A voiceover informs that "you're in my house now motherfuckers."

At the start there is also a bit with a Chihuahua wearing a Palace doggy jacket and collar. Which is very adorable. And worth watching the video for on its own tbh.

There will most likely be more information on palaceskateboards.com soon. 


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