lana del rey released a new single (and the world swooned)

Lana's new song is about giving boys a peace of your mind then bouncing to the beach.

11 August 2015, 6:47am

via @lanadelrey

Lana Del Rey's upcoming LP is so hotly anticipated by her fans that it needs its own Instagram account, @honeymoon. It was there, on the page dedicated to sharing the LP's progress, that Lana announced a new single, 'High by the Beach'. The pastel artwork hinted that Honeymoon would be a sunnier affair than suggested by the first, noirish single 'Honeymoon'.

The track officially dropped today, and it's a beautiful, swooning affair. It taps into the trip-hop sound which pops up in Lana's catalog every now and then. At times, 'High By The Beach' veers into welcome Portishead territory, as Lana proudly tells a boy she's over it: "The truth is I never bought into your bullshit/when you would pay tribute to me" and chills by the beach without him. Expect to hear this on the radio.