The US based MADE crew dragged themselves halfway around the world last weekend to hold a three day summit of fashion, music and skating. Some of our favourite designers were there (Daisy, 69, Pageant, plus X-Girl/MADEME) and, as it turns out, a bunch...

by i-D Staff
16 November 2016, 6:55am

Star Sign? Leo
Occupation? Vintage clothing merchant.
What are you wearing? Comme des Garcons PLAY shoes, American Apparel calf-high tube socks, vintage 1994 Pink Floyd tour shirt, vintage 1989 Gucci ski goggles, and a Gucci print baseball hat.
What's the best thing you saw at MADE? The best thing I saw at MADE was Young Tapz and the Faith Connexion runway show. It's cool to see a young black artist getting some coverage and shows in Sydney, there's definitely a lack of good nightlife and artists in Sydney due to lock-outs.
What makes you hopeful for the future of fashion in Sydney? It makes me hopeful that there are a lot of cool kids out there really getting it and mixing vintage with "hype" pieces. I really hope people in Sydney stop hiding behind labels.
Who do you have a crush on? Massive crush on Kurt Johnson, the most current stylist in Sydney, super nice and switched on too. Hope he reads this.



Photography Joe Brennan

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