video premiere: heart people release hypnotic remix of oceans

Fall into a trance as German producer Tolouse Low Trax reinterprets his favourite song off the new 'Homecoming' EP.

by i-D Staff
05 June 2017, 4:15am

With the release of Heart People's new EP, Homecoming, the accompanying guest remixes have begun to roll in. Taking on Oceans, German producer Tolouse Low Trax, whose signature sound is moody, dark and hypnotic, has delivered a mesmerising interpretation he's titled Drahcira's Last Dance. Watch the video the band made to accompany the remix here. 

We spoke to Tolouse Low Trax to find out a little more about his process and approach to the rework.

i-D: Your music is very trance like, with an innate sense of rhythmic repetition. Is this always conscious?
Tolouse Low Trax: Music in general should be always a journey, in that case hypnotic repetition seems the key to creating a kind of trance feeling. I'm interested in loops and repeating them like a litany or a mantra. I like talking with friends about the same issues in life over and over and every repetition brings you a step further. We can talk about love every day, right? It can be very hypnotic.

How do you determine a balance between creating original music and remixing the work of other artists?
I really like working with other artists' material and creating something new. It's like a translation of a novel from one language to another and, in that way, you can build bridges from one world to another. It means working in culture. I am always interested in having collaborations in different mediums, for example creating music for a room installation or some video work. That points to my background as a visual artist. It allows me to give my own work a different colour.

Why did you choose Oceans to remix.
I was really touched by the percussion part at the end of the track. I am very quick with decisions like these, I just need one second to listen to a record in a shop to decide whether I'm buying it, that's just how I work.

Heart People's Homecoming EP is out now. The remix EP is out on vinyl June 23rd and digitally June 30th with remixes from Andrew Weatherall, Tolouse Low Trax, Mr TC, Leo James and Paul Jextra.


Photography Natalia Parsonson