premiere: voltaire twins, goodnight spirit

The musical siblings provide a taste of their forthcoming album.

14 May 2015, 6:45am

Photography Ren Pidgeon

The Voltaire Twins are Perth brother and sister Tegan and Jaymes. Together they make new wave disco that is part 90s throw back and part galactic space tones echoing through the universe. At i-D we're all about audio-impressions of the universe, so we're excited to premier their latest track Goodnight, Spirit. Their debut album Milky Waves is due for release in August and is the result of working with producer Anna Laverty (Cut Copy, New Gods) and mixer Steven Schram (San Cisco, Little Red). Press play in anticipation.

Goodnight, Spirit Tour Dates:

Friday 12 June - Shadow Electric, Melbourne /w GRRL PAL

Saturday 13 June - Goodgod, Sydney /w GRRL PAL 


Photography Ren Pidgeon