is st. vincent's new track a love song for cara delevingne?

New York isn’t New York without you, love.

by Charlotte Gush
30 June 2017, 10:31pm

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Things are getting pretty exciting for St. Vincent fans at the moment, with the announcement of her upcoming Fear The Future tour (hitting UK shores in mid October), and the release today of brand new single New York. Although there's no album announcement as of yet, it would make sense that the follow up to her world-conquering eponymous 2014 album is on the way.

For now, we have the meaning of New York to decipher, and we've roped in some serious Annie Clark stans to help us, via page 1073 of the year-old thread 'Cara Delevingne + Annie Clark/St Vincent Part 3' of The L Chat lesbian gossip forum. #research

The best snippet of evidence gleaned so far comes from a fan on the thread who claims to have watched Annie sing it live to Cara at a show almost exactly a year ago (while they were still together). They even have photographic evidence, which, fashion fans, also seems to show Freja Beha Erichsen standing in the crowd with Cara. Cool gig.

There are also, of course, the lyrics. "New York isn't New York without you love" is pretty self explanatory, but Annie presumably hangs out with a ton of people in NY. It's the accompanying line about a "trade out for some Hollywood" that has one L Chat detective guessing that it's a reference to her move to LA to be with Cara.

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Another line of interest is "New love wasn't true love, back to you love / So much for a home run with some blue bloods" -- now, 'blue bloods' are posh people. Is Cara the poshest person St. Vincent ever dated? Probably, she's from London high society and has Viscounts and all sorts in her family tree. But the lyric would suggest she'd run off with some blue bloods before returning to her true love. So, if she's being disparaging about a dalliance with a posh person who is in fact Cara, why would she sing it to her face at a gig while they were still together? She totally wouldn't.

The final mysterious snippet to consider here is a handwritten note attached to the single's release information. The note quotes the lyric "You're the only motherfucker in the city who can handle me" and is signed off "Enjoy. Love, x". A hand is shown covering the top of the notes, where presumably the name of the recipient is written. Intriguing, but inconclusive.

We should likely take the advice of another unregistered Guest contributor on page 1073 of the L Chat thread, who wrote, "Let's not get into pages and pages of discussion without as much as a cd booklet in our hands. Please.". So wise. This pop culture pragmatist was writing on 29 June 2016, and they heartbreakingly sign off with "we'll have a new President before this album comes out anyways". At least now, in these trying new-President times, we have new St. Vincent music to heal our bleeding hearts.

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