we want to know what beauty means to you

i-D is partnering with Glossier to ask what beauty means today, and we want you to tell us!

by i-D Staff
23 October 2018, 3:00pm

Created with Glossier.

We're partnering with Glossier to publish YOU on i-D. We're giving you the chance to write for i-D, be photographed for an i-D x Glossier photo shoot, and let the world know what you really think about beauty.

A beauty routine is a constantly-evolving thing. It’s your own personal palette for creativity; it’s about self-care and self-expression. That’s why our upcoming issue celebrates beauty: because since day one, i-D has been about boundary-breaking beauty and bringing iconic looks to the world at large.

This year, our theme is “What Does Beauty Mean to You Today?” so, we’re asking! In fact, we’d love for YOU to be our guest editors. Together with our friends at Glossier, we’re creating a special community platform that’s all about your take on beauty — what you’ve learned, what you love, what you do that makes you YOU.

So, tell us about your point of view on beauty. Better yet, show us: Share photos of your own magical mix of products, sing a song praising the virtues of baby blue eye shadow, make a collage celebrating all your hair and nail color moments, or write an ode to the best lip shade you ever had. Interview your BFF or biggest beauty inspiration. Make a meme. Get weird.

And make your entry pop! Draw inspiration from each other — that’s what friends (and Instagram) are for, right? — and help us re-imagine i-D and Glossier’s most iconic beauty platforms:

Everything there is to know about a single topic. I.e. YOU.

Inspiration: A-Z of Kawaii, A-Z of LGBTQ Idols, A-Z of Surviving New York In the Summer

Straight Ups
A real-talk, no-holds-barred personal portrait.

Inspiration: Taiwanese Street Style, The Russian Underground, Athens Rising, Straight Up

Get Ready With Me
What do your routines say about you? What’s in your cabinet of wonders?

Inspiration: Paloma Elsesser, Elizabeth De La Piedra, Mekdes Mersha

How to enter:

Send us your words, photos, collages, art... anything original that we can certifiably publish as your own work. (Sorry, no mood boards. All content must be created by you!)

The best part?

You'll have the chance to have your piece published by Glossier and i-D, or star in an upcoming photo feature.

To be considered:

Submit your original work using the form here. Very important: You must follow the creative parameters listed above. Limited to U.S. residents only.