venture into tehran’s illegal rave scene

A new documentary follows two techno DJs defying the Islamic regime simply by indulging their passion.

20 April 2016, 11:26pm

Rave culture in any country faces the forces of authoritarian government keen to clamp down on kids having a good time. But raving Iran? Well that must be practically impossible right?  

Since 2005 western music has been banned from Iran state radio and TV stations, mirroring the implementation of a ruling from the 1979 Islamic revolution that outlawed all popular music. However this has done little to quench locals' thirst for western media and music. A new documentary is now shining a bright light on this fact by exploring Tehran's underground, unsanctioned rave scene. 

The documentary follows two techno DJs, Anoosh and Arash, as they hide from police while simultaneously trying to ignite their careers. "I'm fed up with doing things secretly," one of them says in the beginning of the trailer for Raving Iran, after which fate seemingly intervenes: Anoosh and Arash are are invited to the biggest techno festival in the world. However visa issues in Switzerland coupled with increasing tensions back home results in them facing their most dangerous decision yet. 

The documentary doesn't yet have a release date, but you can catch it at any of the film festivals listed on its website


Text Hannah Ongley 
Image via Vimeo