vince staples is nearly done making an ep with james blake

DJ Dahi is also onboard for the hellish, six-track joint titled 'Prima Donna.'

by Isabelle Hellyer
22 June 2016, 12:45am

Vince Staples has recorded a new EP called Prima Donna. It's almost done, but the only person to have heard it outside of Staples' team is writer Jeff Weiss. Jeff got a listen while tailing Vince for a FADER profile. During a trip to Vince's studio he was given a preview of what he calls "a chaotic fusion of warped soul, distorted hooks, and extraterrestrial demonic spirituals." Adding, "If there was a best-case scenario for hell's sonics, Prima Donna might be it." Damn.

The writer offers a few more details on the EP's production by James Blake and DJ Dahi, and the structure of the record itself. "The six-song set starts with a rap star killing himself and concludes with him first coming to fame," he summarises. The release date? Sometime in the Northern Hemisphere's summer.

It'll be Vinces's first solo release since the critically lauded Summertime '06 made him one of the most widely respected artist in hip hop. The one year anniversary of that record's release is in a few days — Vince has spent the twelve months since touring extensively. He also just launched a youth program in his hometown, Long Beach California. Even if Prima Donna sounds like hell, Vince is still kinda an angel.


Photography VICE