planned parenthood are receiving thousand of donations from 'mike pence'

20,000 donations, to be specific.

by Isabelle Hellyer
16 November 2016, 6:01am

In the wake of Donald Trump's election, Planned Parenthood have been flooded with donations. People around the world are concerned, and rightly so: the president-elect has repeatedly threatened to defund the crucial organisation, which provides education, support and services to women across America. 

Trump's running mate (and now vice-president-elect) Mike Pence, is just as dangerous. Pence once signed a bill that would've forced women to hold burials or cremations after having an abortions or miscarriage. Thankfully, it failed. 

Over the last week, women across the nation have led an ingenious charge to stand up against Pence, while also offering support to the organisation he's at war with. They're making donations to Planned Parenthood in the politician's name, and yes, Pence's office will receive thank-you notes for every single dollar they receive.

Yesterday, The Indianapolis Star spoke to a Planned Parenthood spokesperson who confirmed they've received 160,000 donations since the election. 20,000 of those — that's an impressive 12.5 percent of all donations — were in Mike Pence's name. We hope his office has a big mailbox. 


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