michael jackson's chimp bubbles is selling his own paintings

The abstract works will help to fund the care of fellow showbiz apes.

by Georgie Wright
30 June 2017, 10:17pm

Showbiz, it's a brutal place, isn't it? A land of crushed dreams and broken karaoke machines, of battered souls in tattered Spiderman costumes trying to photobomb your selfie with to Bill Murray's Walk of Fame star, and then forcing you to pay for the privilege.

It's a land of literal monkeys trained to beat their La Mer-moisturised chests in perfect unison when a director yells 'ACTION!' on one of the approximately nine too many Planet of the Apes sequels, apes who are then spat them back into the (urban) jungle without even measly peanut to their jazzy show-name.

Image via Frames USA & Art Gallery

Fortunately, there's a charity rescuing the spurned apes of the showbiz world -- The Center for Great Apes -- and they are fundraising for care costs by selling their paintings. Yes, paintings, made by actual apes -- because they're not that different from us y'know. They have real thoughts and feelings and the opposable thumbs needed to hold a paintbrush, which are essentially the basics of making art, I think.

One of the talented chimps painting masterpieces is Bubbles; remember Bubbles? Michael Jackson's monkey, who famously resided in MJ's Neverland ranch and once drank tea with the Mayor of Osaka? Of course you do. So, if you want to nab a piece of art that's basically made by MJ by proxy, get yourself to Miami for the exhibition. You'll also be doing a very good thing for the chimps.


Text Georgie Wright
Lead image via Flickr

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