they're making a movie about emojis, actually

Sony has reportedly paid "near seven figures" for the film rights.

by Nick Levine
23 July 2015, 4:00am

A professor at Bangor University recently claimed that emoji is the fastest-growing language in the UK. Now the incredibly addictive smartphone symbols are set to make their debut on the big screen. Sony Pictures Animation has outbid two other Hollywood film studios - Warner Bros. and Paramount - for the rights to an actual movie about emojis. Deadline reports that the pitch sold for a "deal near seven figures", so we can only presume it was pretty convincing.

The computer-animated film will be directed by Anthony Leondis, whose previous credits include various Kung Fu Panda and Lilo & Stitch spin-offs. The storyline is currently unknown and Sony has yet to reveal which emojis will feature prominently, though if dancing lady emoji isn't cast as the female lead, we'll need to have a stern word with the producers.

The idea of an emojis movie may seem kind of lolz, but just remember how you felt when you first heard about last year's The Lego Movie. That film went on to win a Golden Globe and rake in over $468 million (£300 million) at the global box office, so if Sony pulls this off, they'll have earned the right to use the queen emoji from now until eternity.