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Be prepared to go on an unhinged ride and ask many questions in response to this special i-D mix from the legitimate all-rounder.

by i-D Staff
28 April 2015, 4:45am

Photography Odette Anouk Hollenbach (aged 5)

Misha Hollenbach, as you may know, is one half of fashion label PAM, an artist and a prolific DJ. His periodical free mix CDs and late night sets have been a welcome part of Melbourne's musical fabric over the years. His super mix for i-D isn't genre faithful but rather somewhere between pure minimalism and crunchy, abstract, noisy techno. Misha prefers the unexpected, unplanned and unhinged and it's all here with a tiny bit of disco, a speck of post punk and a smidgeon of d&b thrown in for good measure. Hold on for the ride.

What are you up to right now?
Sorting iPhoto, listening to an ambient mix, awaiting a baby, tracking a package, laying out a book on nocturnal cycling, sending a massive WeTransfer, dodging phone calls from unknown numbers and thinking about cycling tonite.

You've made a film with Joey Rashid called Sunshine Soup about the making of a rare, ambient record that was in Mullumbimbi. Can you tell us a bit about how that came to be and the journey.
I had an email from Matt at RVNG seeing if I'd be interested in making a film in Mullumbimby. I said yes purely based on that. I was pleasantly surprised that it was with a dude (Ariel) whose records I already loved. 70s electronic ambient stuff. I invited Joey to come and shoot, and then got him into the role of co-directing (meaning he could do even more of the work!). The process was organic and experimental, a perfect alignment with what was happening for that week between Rob and Ariel. All in the beautiful surrounds of Mullumbimby. Sunshine Soup was the name of the dish we all ordered collectively on our first meeting.

You also made a great film for your last collection called Psy Active Mutationwhich legitimately looks like lost alien footage. What is the idea behind it?
Yes. So I always love the mystery of mystery, and the fact it's as real as whatever you think it is, or whatever footage is presented as evidence. Whilst we were filming, 2 actual UFO believers came down (apparently it was a famous UFO sighting spot). They were thrilled to see a human body being dragged along the beach by a couple of aliens. However we may have dispelled the myth of aliens. But were we really there? Not sure, but there is now the film. The soundtrack is awesome, it's by Lee Gamble.

Im always coming up against awesome images from films. Often the films aren't awesome, but the image grab is. I'm hoping PSY ACTIVE MUTATION has a lot of grabs, esp for a 3 min film. I'm ready to make the next!

What do you plan to work on next?
The new imminent human. 

Misha plays at the Bamboo Musik party on May 8th. Details here.


Music to shift your mood from staying in to staying up all night... 
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music for fiery arguments and emotional goodbyes...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music to kiss and make up to...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music to heal a broken heart...Music to get high to...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music to change your night from mediocre to magnificent...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music to take a long drive to...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music to walk down the aisle to...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music you'd like played at your funeral...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music to have sex to...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music to celebrate your birthday to...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music guaranteed to give you serious swagger...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music to make even the wallflowers dance...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music to play at the afterparty when it's 6am and the sun is beginning to rise... 
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

Music that could put even an insomniac to sleep...
Jon Gibson, Cycles (1973)

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