sam pepper, the most hated man on youtube, has "quit" the internet

The alleged rapist is logging off, hopefully for good.

24 February 2016, 1:25am

Screencap via Youtube

Sam Pepper used to be a fairly innocuous British YouTuber who'd amassed a tonne of followers for his hidden camera prank videos. Some time in the early 2010s, Sam clocked around two million followers and achieved crossover fame—outside of the Youtube vlogging community—by appearing on Big Brother UK. Basically, if you were under 16 with an internet connection, you knew Sam Pepper. 

Then in 2014, he released a clip which saw him grope women on the street without their consent. Most people didn't appreciate the prank, which looked a lot like sexual harassment. Sam tried to play the video off as a "social experiment" raising awareness for male victims of sexual assault, but not many people bought it. A number of prominent members of the YouTube community refused to work with him again.

Soon afterwards, women began coming forward with stories of harassment from Pepper; ranging from soliciting nude pictures to groping and rape. The women coming forward were as young as 15 at the time of their interactions with Pepper. 

The torrent of allegations quieted Sam for while, and he denied all claims made against him. Eventually, like a bad rash, he returned to Youtube. But outcry found him again—fast.  

His latest prank video, released in November of last year, saw him kidnap two fellow Internet stars, one of whom was in on the plan. He then strapped one of them to a chair, and pretended to execute the other. "Let's see how he reacts to his best friend of five years being killed in front of him," Pepper said to introduce the prank. Everyone responded with a variation of "that's so sadistic" or "what the fuck." Yesterday, in a belated response to the backlash, he made all of his Youtube video content private and deleted all but one tweet, which read "i give up." Let's hope this is Sam's last goodbye, though knowing him, it might all be part of a self-serving "social experiment."


Screencap via Youtube