calvin klein pulled in decades of icons for their latest campaign

Kate Moss, Grace Coddington, Frank Ocean and Bella Hadid are just the tip of this cultural iceberg.

by Wendy Syfret
06 July 2016, 6:00am

On Tuesday night Calvin Klein announced the bone-achingly amazing line up for their Fall 2016 campaign on Snapchat. The packed roster includes Grace CoddingtonMargot RobbieFrank OceanCameron DallasBella HadidYoung ThugHenry Rollins, and — take a breath people —the original 90s muse Kate Moss.

No wonder they announced it on Snapchat: you have to regulate exposure to news like this for fear of giving someone a nosebleed. Considering their recent all-star offerings, we wouldn't be surprised if this announcement was just round one. Adorably, the dreamy cast were snapped sharing their thoughts on love and flirting — things they all no doubt have plenty of experience with. 

Watch i-D's interview with iCon Calvin Klein and dream of who else might pop up.



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