our legacy’s london store launches

Menswear brand Our Legacy (also worn by ladies) open their first store outside their native Sweden today, and London is the chosen spot. Little wonder, since the UK is their largest market, even outstripping Swedish sales. The line, which mixes the...

by Stuart Brumfitt
17 October 2014, 2:40pm

Why do you think you're so popular in the UK?
We've been trying to figure that one out. We don't design for the UK specifically. We've always done clothing for ourselves. We are the consumer really. I think we're a little bit hard to put a finger on, which means we go with a lot of types of guys and girls who buy our men's collection. We can sell to people who like street wear and the high fashion consumer. And with all the heavy black we're doing, it can go to the more avant-garde boutiques as well.

Your fabrics are always really interesting. There's a great range of them in this collection.
When we design, we're never over-designing. It's quite simple. We always reduce and never add. We reduce details and make it quite simple. Our passion is with fabrics and dyeing techniques. We develop a lot of our own fabrics. We make the denim in Italy, but the rest is made in Portugal.

If you have a good factory, I bet it can be really fun working on crazy fabric ideas with them.
It's great fun. We started working in Portugal years ago when a lot of people had moved to factories in Asia. So when we got there and started to establish our business, they were very thankful. So they took us with open arms and said we could do whatever we wanted. Starting out like that, having that sort of room to grow was quite vital for us to develop the styles and fabrics that we're doing right now. It's taken some time to learn the dyeing and washing techniques.

What would you say your other brand signatures are?
We manage to make our own hybrid garments. It's hard for a brand to invent its own styles, but we've found our own way to make hybrids, like suede shirts with zips, or a woven linen t-shirt.

Neither you, nor Christopher (Nying, co-founder) studied fashion design. Do you wish you had, or are you glad to be working on the job and learning with the processes?
In some ways, we could have learnt to do things faster if we'd been fully trained, but that's also what makes us unique. It's not about too many details. Men want fantastic fabrics. They want to feel unique.

Pharrell was seen wearing one of your frayed denim t-shirts. Are there any other people we know who love Our Legacy?
Well tonight we're having the party at the Edition Hotel, and James Blake is DJing. He's a big fan of ours and likewise, we're a fan of his music. That's a nice, natural interaction.

Do you ever have a muse?
Not really. We would never see a movie with James Dean and he'd be our icon for the next year. Or a rock band, or something. It's always more abstract feelings and everyday moments that we get inspired by.

Is this a different type of store to your Swedish stores?
The buildings in Sweden have been modern, which has made us want to use older, natural materials. They have a hard shell and a softer inner. This is an old Victorian place with a nice wooden storefront, so we wanted to add a more industrial, harder feeling inside, to get the contrast.

You and Christopher are in your early 30s. How do you think men who love fashion should evolve as they start to grow older?
I think that's a bit of a signature for us. We make quite dressed-up clothes, but when you put them on, you never feel over-dressed. You may have blazers and topcoats, but you feel quite relaxed in them.

Can you explain why this is called the Light collection?
There's a semi-industrial feeling, in that we've decided to take products that you make a light version of, like a Coke Light or a Marlborough Light. And we're asking if you make it, is it an original, or a copy? We're playing around with that. Using clichéd symbols and making them beautiful in their own way. We never choose easy paths. Collections back, we've used materials from public places like fake leather taxi seat materials and the fabrics that Lufthansa have used for suits that are supposed to last forever. We're trying to take that kind of thing and make it in our own way.



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