#covertheathlete asks what would happen if we asked male and female athletes the same questions

Flipping the script on post game conferences to expose inequality in sports.

by i-D Staff
06 November 2015, 12:20am

There aren't many places where gender inequality is more glaringly apparent than in sports. The captain of the Matildas makes less in a year than her male counterpart does in a day, Serena Williams was once asked why she wasn't smiling after a marathon game, and Eugenie Bouchard was told to give cameras a twirl at the Australian Open. Not to mention the stupidity of the questions people will ask a professional sportswoman. #CoverTheAthlete riffs on this in a new video which imagines interview questions usually reserved for women being posed to male athletes. Needless to say it is hilariously but tellingly alien to hear Michael Phelps being asked if shaving off his body hair has affected his dating life. Press play and cringe, or turn on a TV and cringe even more—if you manage to find any women's sport on that is. 


Image via Youtube