take an exclusive look at dior homme's new hardcore video

Hardcore rave of course! Shot backstage at their autumn/winter 17 show in Paris, Kris Van Assche brings his latest collection to life in this short film.

by Felix Petty
25 January 2017, 9:22pm

All under one roof raving was Kris Van Assche's starting point for his triumphant autumn/winter 17 vision of the Dior Homme man. Or maybe a Mark Leckey-esque Dior Made Me Hardcore journey through the teen tribes and party kids who've got the world in the motion and Europe's dance floors at their feet. 

New wavers, ravers and romantic punk rockers formed his army, drawing inspiration from rose tinted memories of the gabber scene that rocked the Dutch and Belgian youth in the mid-90s (imagine if those kids were all dressed in Dior!) Celebrating 10 years at Dior Homme, Kris Van Assche's world gets deeper and deeper entwined with Dior's history each season. For autumn/winter 17 this meant mixing in those subcultural worlds of his youth with stand out electric tailoring. He's succeeded in bringing the street together with Savile Row, unifying different concepts of tribal dressing.

"Among the multiple and sometimes paradoxical inspirations in my latest collection, the gabber scene is one of the subcultures that I wanted to highlight," Kris explains. "It's a hardcore culture that is built around techno music and dancing at rave parties. It is a highly physical dance, involving very rapid responses to saturated bass rhythms. The lower half of the body is moving, sometimes quite frenetically, while the top half remains more controlled, echoing those looks in the collection in which loose pants are worn with more fitted jackets." 

Which is exactly what this video, shot backstage after their show, highlights. Soundtracked by a wild, thumping gabber beat, it focusses on the collection's manic movement, ecstatic dancing and musical escapism.  


Text Felix Petty
Styling Mauricio Nardi
Hair Anthony Turner
Make up Lynsey Alexander 

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