frank ocean covers an 80s disco banger and serenades brad pitt

A big weekend for Frank.

Jul 25 2017, 7:57am

Last night, Frank Ocean headlined LA's FYF Festival. Wearing a vintage Nike "Instant Karma" T-shirt, Frank played a Blonde-heavy setlist similar to that of his Roskilde and Lovebox performances. One noticeable difference, however, was the appearance of Brad Pitt on the stage's screen, as Frank serenaded him with Close to You and a cover of The Jackson 5's Never Can Say Goodbye. Despite Brad's phone call-taking nonchalance, one would imagine he was quite made up about the whole thing, having told GQ Style a couple months back that he enjoys the "raw truth" of Frank's music. You and me both, Brad.

Frank also performed a cover of 80s disco banger Only You by Steve Monite. Reputable sources (YouTube commenters -- the gatekeepers of truth and reason) speculate the cover may be premiered officially on Frank's next Blonded Radio show, whenever that may be, which he typically follows with a digital download shortly thereafter. Here's hoping.


Text Ryan White