wait, did rihanna actually borrow her met gala hat from the catholic church?

There seems to be some confusion around her papal-inspired look.

by i-D Team
11 May 2018, 6:23am

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The Met Gala may have come and gone but it lives on in our hearts, minds, and mood boards forever. As we’ve come to expect from the Met Gala year-after-year, Rihanna showed up and took us all to church. Wearing a bejewelled Margiela three-piece by John Galliano Riri gave the world a new pope to look to. The crowning glory of the outfit was of course the papal-looking hat, which has somehow landed at the centre of a “fake news” story.

This week American Cardinal Timothy Dolan took to a Catholic radio station in the aftermath of the Met Gala where he joked about lending Rihanna a mitre — a ceremonial headdress used by the church. “The news said she was wearing a tiara, which…no. She was wearing a mitre. And, you know, she gave it back to me this morning,” said the Cardinal in a jovial manner. Unfortunately the joke was lost on some news outlets who reported on the quip as if it were fact.

via Instagram

The story, of course, instantly travelled online with thousands of shares. One outlet that mistakenly ran with it was Time, who’s piece was pointed out as “fake news” by Rihanna’s stylist Mel Ottenberg on his Instagram story. He also clarified that the hat was a custom creation of famed milliner Stephen Jones. In an email with The Catholic Herald the archdiocese confirmed the Cardinal was joking.

Rihanna’s Margiela creation took 250 hours to create with an additional 500 hours of hand-sewing to add the crystals that cover it. We imagine it’s the kind of work you can only get through if you have a good sense of humour.

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