more or less magazine celebrates creativity and questions consumer culture

Moving beyond her fashion glossy past, ex-Vogue creative director Jaime Perlman has launched her own independent publication, More or Less.

by Steve Salter
05 June 2018, 9:43am

As independent talents and conglomerates blur boundaries and push possibilities, fashion publishing is an industry in flux. As fashion becomes increasingly aware of the various problems that exist within it's ecosystem; the difficulty with supporting the ever-quickening and increasingly packed conveyor belt of product launches, high fashion shows and collaboration while keeping a clear conscience -- we are all continually confronted with issues of model health, diversity, sustainability and so much more -- should not have escaped the attention of the editorial teams of your favourite magazines. Addressing this, New York-born, London-based art director Jamie Perlman has launched her own bi-annual publication and digital platform that promises to celebrate creativity and showcase an accessible way of dressing that is rarely seen on newsstands.

Chloe Sevigny by Haley Wollens

From queen of vintage Kate Moss gracing the Ethan James Green-shot cover to a 26-page Jamie Hawkesworth shoot of old punk rock and horror T-shirts, Chloë Sevigny in a bargain basement to interviews with socially conscious designers including Heron Preston and Telfar Clemens, the debut issue of More or Less puts creativity first, cost second. “There has been so much conversation in the fashion industry about cost and consumption,” Jaime Perlman explained in a recent interview with American Vogue, “and we’ve taken the position that style is about creativity and originality, not about how much you spend.” With no look costing more than £1000, Perlman and her stellar team of contributors had to get creative. The result sees luxury ready-to-wear alongside vintage, army surplus to diy projects and everything in between. It’s encouraging people to be more creative about how they put themselves together: vintage, surplus, secondhand, utilitarian. . . . It’s also a sustainable way to dress and that’s a big part of the magazine.” It's all about style as a form of self-expression, rather than a means to conform to the status quo. More or Less touches upon how we consume, from cost to sustainability. Less can be more.
Sylvia Farago shot by Jamie Hawksworth

More or Less is available now at selected retailers worldwide.

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