greens propose a 'living wage' for struggling creatives

As part of their election promise, the Greens vow to reverse funding cuts to the arts sector and supplement wages to support the vital industries.

10 June 2016, 4:08am

Photography Briony Wright taken at NGV Book Fair

It's a well documented fact that the majority of artists and creatives in Australia often live below the poverty line. The creative industries generally are notoriously underfunded and recent cuts of more that $100 million to important programs like the Australia Council - a government agency providing grants to organisations - do not bode well for future improvement. 

With the Federal election coming up in less than a month though, the Australian Greens are offering a ray of hope with an arts policy that would reverse funding cuts already made, boost investment in the sector by $270 million and offer creatives a means-tested living wage to supplement low salaries. They would also like to see institutions and galleries funded so they could properly pay artists who exhibit their work there. It's a bold plan that more fairly reflects how the country's creative community should be valued. 

The Greens Arts spokesperson Adam Bandt sees these changes as easily achievable within the budget stating that the changes would have..."very modest impacts on the budget...and adding, "It's a drop in the ocean as far as the federal budget is concerned." 


Text Briony Wright