comme des garçons made a perfume inspired by... concrete?

Spoiler: it smells nothing like concrete.

by Briony Wright
05 July 2017, 7:00am

This article was originally published by i-D Australia.

In a world overflowing with perfumes, designed by everyone from luxury houses to reality TV personalities, Comme Des Garçons' scents have always stood out. Their fragrances tend to start with an interesting idea — think Odeur 53, which includes real and imagined notes like the freshness of oxygen, flaming rock, wash drying in the wind, sand dunes, pure air of the high mountains, and nail polish — and are then refined until they smell like nothing on earth.

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The newest offering in their impressive fragrance portfolio is a scent called Concrete. The fragrance comes in an actual concrete bottle, inspired by the literal streets of New York. But don't worry it doesn't actually smell like concrete. Instead, it's a much more gentle fragrance with a top note of sandalwood. Christian Astuguevieille, creative director of Comme des Garçons Perfumes explained that the point was "to astonish with a very hard bottle of concrete and inside with a softer scent."

While the fragrance isn't available in stores until September, the company celebrated in epic fashion with four New York events over two days. President of CDG Adrian Joffe explained that it was the first time the company has "celebrated a launch in this way." The event included a private tour of the Rei Kawakubo Comme des Garçons Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition, as well as sound and video installations and a room featuring 10 spinning, cement mixers with scented dry ice spilling out of them. 


Text Briony Wright
Photograph courtesy Comme des Garçons

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