watch an exclusive clip from a new film about electronic music pioneer gary numan

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land is an insight into the life of the godfather of electronic pop music.

by Lula Ososki
27 August 2016, 12:15am

One of world's biggest-selling recording artists of the late 70s and early 80s, Gary Numan is a pop legend. From Cars to Are 'Friends' Electric?, his music quickly shaped the future sound of electro-pop and hugely influenced many artists who followed in his footsteps. But Numan never had it easy.

Part music documentary, part road trip and part love story, upcoming film Gary Numan: Android In La La Land gives an unprecedented, intimate insight into the life of a musical genius. Having only later discovered he has Asperger's syndrome,Numan's crippling shyness moulded his robot-like performances, which had the press label him as a 'freak' -- with one paper even suggesting his mother should have been prevented from giving birth to him. His fast rise to fame was followed by depression, anxiety and near bankruptcy.

Following Numan as he packs up to move to LA with his wife and three daughters, the film gets up close and personal with the notoriously private star, reflecting on his music, struggles and second chances and providing the recognition Numan truly deserves.

Watch an exclusive clip from the film below.

GARY NUMAN ANDROID IN LA LA LAND is in UK and Irish cinemas from 26 August.


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