leonardo dicaprio’s powerful climate change documentary is available online now

Before the Flood is the actor’s attempt to inspire action to save our environment.

by Felix Petty
01 November 2016, 9:17pm

Last week, the Living Planet Index revealed a new study that suggested we are undergoing the biggest mass extinction of animals on the planet since the dinosaurs were killed off by that comet. Their report said that between 1970 and 2020 we're going to have lost two thirds of all vertebrates on earth unless urgent action is taken. The report fingered the blame squarely at humans; from the destruction of wild habitats to hunting to pollution, we're having a devastating effect on the world we live in.

So Leonardo DiCaprio's new documentary, Before the Flood, couldn't come at a better time, and thankfully, Leo has decided to let it out for free on the internet to coincide with its televised premier on the National Geographic channel, utilising the potential for consciousness raising that releasing it on YouTube for everyone to watch could have.

The film itself examines our addiction to fossil fuels and sees the actor travelling (carbon offset of course) around the world to look into the problem of climate change, from the developed to the developing world, exploring how much damage has been done and what we can do to stop it.


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