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the boys of new zealand: final part

Part two of photographer and stylist Imogen Wilson's series capturing the next wave of young, male Kiwi creatives...the future is bright.

by i-D Staff
23 September 2015, 8:10am

imogen wilson

As part 1 demonstrated, it seems every young person is doing something creative in New Zealand right now. Whether it's their full time occupation or just straight up fun, there's a new breed of next generation NZ boys collaborating with friends and doing what they love. Photographer and stylist Imogen Wilson was so struck by the new wave of talent she picked up her camera and pen and began documenting the new faces in words and pictures, exclusively for i-D. Wilson says, "One thing I have noticed over the last year is how many talented young guys there are in New Zealand, yet beyond their social circles and creative communities they are still yet to be noticed and properly recognised". I have handpicked and photographed eleven kiwi guys that are ruling at what they do and shaping the underground creative scenes in New Zealand right now."

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George wears his own clothes.

George Rump, 20

Where are you from? I'm from Bristol, UK but I moved to Auckland about 8 years ago now.

What do you do? I enjoy taking lots of photos and I've started to paint a little bit too. Me and my mate Mikhail painted that pig that's in the background of my photo.

What would you like to do more of? I want to make more videos, I feel like you can do more with a moving image compared to taking a set of photographs if its well done. Or maybe I should make a really fast slideshow…. I just want to display photos in a non-traditional way. I'm not into framing my photos behind glass.

What's the best thing about being young and living in NZ in 2015? Being around young NZ artists that are making really cool work, and just having fun being a kid in NZ.

What inspires you most? The Rize doco, I want to make something like that.


Jack wears his own t-shirt, Emma Mulholland Shorts and Vans.

Jack Fagan, 20

Where are you from? 4 City aka Wellington.

What do you do? Skate, make skate videos with my friends, design shit and make mix tapes.

What would you like to do more of? Sleeping.

What's the best thing about being young and living in NZ in 2015? Living the dream.

What inspires you most? Anything from early 2000's, early 90's Southern rap, Heavy Metal artwork, DJ Screw, 80's airbrushing, John Cardiel, VHS footage, skating fast, speed dealers, good pants, stickers, any music from Atlanta right now and them dicksquad2k boyz.


Logan wears his own clothes.

Logan Smith, 25

Where are you from? Hawkes Bay originally. I call Wellington home now though. Been here about 6 years now. Shit.

What do you do? Skate around a cause a ruckus. Draw pictures. Read books. 420. Watch movies. Make logos. Come up with ideas. Do Shark Week with Tom. Tutor design at University. I'm a freelance creative for my crust.Art direction stuff, but a bit of everything. Mostly graphic design, illustration and hand lettering.

What would you like to do more of? Travel, skating and not working. Personal projects. Making shit for fun. Hard to get the motivation to do it when you've been working all day. Seems funny but deadlines are pretty much the only thing that make me produce work.

What's the best thing about being young and living in NZ in 2015? Seeing the opportunities around. The global perception of NZ is just so off but I think it's starting to change. There's this island life, rugby, wilderness perception but I think we're at the forefront of a lot of urban stuff too. So many talented and creative people around. Going overseas actually made me think 'shit, NZ is actually so sick.' Not only do we have some of the best landscape and fresh, clean climate but we have a lot of forward thinking stuff going on. So many weirdos - in a great way. Wellington especially - everyone's got their own little buzz.

What inspires you most? My friends, my girlfriend. Like I said, everyone down here seems to be creative in some way and it's just so sick seeing what people produce. We're not all cut from the same cloth, everyone has something fresh and new to offer.


Mzwetwo wears his own clothes.

Mzwetwo Ngubane, 21

Where are you from? It depends. Woah deep.

What do you do? I do heaps of stuff. Breathing, eating etc but I enjoy making music the most. I write, perform and produce music for myself and for other artists. I actually just left the studio - we are finishing Young Tapz' EP. I'm involved on that as a writer and producer.

What would you like to do more of? Play music live. We will do more of that when my new music gets out next year.

What's the best thing about being young and living in NZ in 2015? Freedom.

What inspires you most? Music. Gallantino.


Oliver wears his own jacket.

Oliver Edward Guyon, 24

Where are you from? Christchurch, New Zealand.

What do you do? I'm predominantly a stylist although I showed my first collection earlier this year at Michael Lett Gallery. I'm also the fashion editor for Le Roy Magazine and a creative consultant for Wynn Hamlyn.

What would you like to do more of? I really enjoyed producing my own collection, it'd be nice to work on another one.

What's the best thing about being young and living in NZ in 2015? New Zealand is very freeing in ways. It allows me to make work at my own pace and try different ideas.

What inspires you most? I'm mostly inspired by the lineage of fashion and its relationship to identity. I'm interested in combining typically unrelated aesthetics to provoke a feeling true to the contemporary moment.


Tom wears Shark Week Tee, Shark Week cap with his own shirt and jeans.

Tom Wright, 25

Where are you from? NZ / Hawkes Bay. Living in Wellington.

What do you do? Have as much fun as I can! Hang out with my friends! Somewhere between all the shenanigans happening I make cool shit for my brand Shark Week. While working part time at Good As Gold.

What would you like to do more of? Pretty much more of what I am doing right now. Creating, travelling, having fun, being weird haha. But that will come all in good time.

What's the best thing about being young and living in NZ in 2015? Well growing up in the internet generation is crazy and it's fucked up how much it has opened up New Zealand to the world. After travelling to a few key spots like the States, Japan and Australia, it's really exciting to come home and know how good we have it in New Zealand in regards to having an amazing platform to create and start your own thing. I call NZ the potential capital of the world haha.

What inspires you most? Everything! From people around me to my idols. Brands I look up to. Day to day things I see. But I guess the main thing that inspires me is to make sure I am doing what ever it is, better than last time. Do something better than that or better than them. I just want to keep improving :) YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! DON'T LET NO ONE CRUSH YOUR DREAMS



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