meet the environmentalist inviting you to a crystal beach party

Rose Quartz Festival is bringing together the country’s best electro musicians and visual artists to perform over a weekend next to an eerie submerged crystalline beach.

Mar 18 2016, 3:30am

Image via Rose Quartz Festival

In 1972 Tasmania's Serpentine and Huon rivers were dammed and Lake Pedder was expanded to serve as a larger source of hydroelectricity for the area. This in itself isn't really something that would still hold most people's attention over four decades later. But in the process the original lake was submerged, along with its beach of pink quartz sand.

The outrage over the destruction of this natural wonder soon bled outside of the local community to become an international news story. Central to the protests was the United Tasmania Group, who would eventually become the Tasmanian Greens—the world's first Green party. The loss of the lake and eerily beautiful beach did more than alter the physical landscape, it literally changed global politics.

When Tasmanian local Nathan Savage heard this story he felt it retained a haunting relevance when viewing the state's ongoing battle to preserve its national parks. After developing a reputation for throwing parties and events around Hobart, he found himself seeking a way to physically and mentally engage with the site that had caught his attention. Last year he decided to explore this desire by taking on the ambitious task of holding an isolated dance music festival on the shores of the existing lake. Fittingly, he called it Rose Quartz.

Party-focused activism isn't really a well tread path, but by marrying his two interest he seeks to celebrate nature, music, art and his home.

Putting on any festival is a big job, let alone one in the middle of nowhere. Why take this on?
We decided to start Rose Quartz because we love Tasmania, music, art and we were wide-eyed and ready to do something we don't think anyone else has done yet. Also the lake has an amazing and challenging history, we're honoured to have it as the heart of the festival.

How do you feel this is different to other independent music festivals?
Firstly it's in a beautiful, dynamic, alien space that gives it an other-worldly feeling. Size is another important thing: we chose to have only 500 attendees to keep it really intimate and special for everyone and make sure the whole thing is geared towards shared experience and exploration. It's a bit like a small club, but on a lake. Not to mention Rose Quartz is incredibly isolated. It's 2.5 hours from Hobart, the biggest town on an island at the bottom of the earth.

There is a big focus on it being this "escape to the wilderness". What are we escaping from and to?
You'll be escaping the city and connecting IRL deep in the Tasmanian forest next to one of the island's most beautiful lakes under a rose-coloured sky. When you're there you'll find Bloody Marys, a helipad, inflatable installations, pink lights, blankets, smiles and a few Aperol spritzes.

Tasmania is a really inspiring environment for events because of its beauty and isolation. As a result we're seeing this boom in cultural opportunity, hosting this festival compliments what's happening here.

Ultimately the festival is about what the Rose Quartz crystal alludes: love, friendship and harmony.

I think that bloom of independent, ambitious cultural projects can be observed around the country. There is this feeling that anyone with a good idea, a solid team and a lot of hustle can pull something amazing together. Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start something independently?
Once you have an idea, get yourself a piece of rose quartz, look at it, hold it, put it up to the light, put it under your pillow, take it out to dinner. Then find the people who you'd like to work with; assemble your core team from really different areas of work, but make sure there is a shared goal. Once you've done that, make it happen with all the love, harmony and friendship the quartz gave you.

And make sure you laugh a lot because it's actually really hard work. 

Rose Quartz will take place from 1 to 2 April. For tickets and more information on the festival visit their website.

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Text Roya Azadi