watch out, the click click photo archive is open

Get ready to squirm your way through countless memories.

by i-D Staff
08 February 2016, 3:20am

For Melbourne kids with fringes, tight jeans and ironic jewellry in the mid 2000s Click Click was more than a party. As the Saturday night edition to the Streetparty line up (you could debate all day if Thursday's Shake Some Action was indeed the premier event) it was a vodka raspberry-flavored slice of indie heaven. During a period when everyone wore a cassette as a necklace and wanted to move to New York and become friends with Karen O, it was our answer to the global trend of independent party "nights".

Attendees would spend much of Saturday perfecting their Cory Kennedy/Julian Casablancas/Leigh Lezark/Faris Badwan outfit. T-shirts were ironic, dresses home-made-or at least op-shop altered-and hair was streaked. But no matter how cool you played it, everyone knew it was all tied in with your end goal: to have your photo taken.

A few days later the pictures would be posted online, and making it into the gallery would tell the world that you were someone. You had been chosen as a certain kind of attendee who represented a certain kind of party during a certain kind of decade.

Is all this making you nostalgic, or more likely, is it making you cringe? Well, we have good and/or bad news. Over the weekend the hosts of Click Click uploaded years and years of photo archives. Check them out, wonder why you thought mullets were a good look and secretly still feel thrilled you made it into the shot.

Head over to their Facebook page to squirm your way through the memories.