class of 2016: ​10 things you need to know about kamixlo

21-year-old Kamixlo is setting dancefloors across London alight with his signature style of Latin-infused club bangers.

by Lynette Nylander
24 November 2015, 4:22am

The musician and DJ takes the best in Reggaeton, Bachata and Cumbia and gives it a modern twist unlike anything you've heard before. Along with his friends and Bala Club comrades, Blaze Kidd, Uli K and END GAME, the DJs are gaining traction for their inimitable sound. Fresh from releasing his EP Demonico on the imprint run by Berlin label PAN and grime producer Visionist, the Brixton-based musician and wrestling enthusiast sat down with i-D to talk about his secret talents, Chilean descent and inspiration for making hits. 

1. The song he's best known for is….
"A song called Paleta. I had it on my SoundCloud ages ago, but I erased it because it went on my EP called Demonico that is out on Codes. So I guess that's the song I'm most known for."

2. His Chilean roots are manifested in his work…
"My music has the Latina influence everywhere. From Spanish vocal samples, it's always Latin everything. Where the British part comes in, I don't know. I don't really relate to the UK too much."

3. There's no rules to when it comes to inspiration for making his music…
"It's just when it strikes. I go ages without making one song. I have thousands of little shit ideas that never get finished. Or sometimes I make a song that I really love… I don't know, it's just whenever. I don't have an organised routine to it."

4. He tips fellow musician Uli K for big things…
"Uli K. He's a singer/songwriter/producer/whatever from South London. He's like kind of a musical genius I think. And when he starts building up more stuff, people are gonna realise that he's incredible. I already know that he's the best thing ever."

5. Kamixlo's a man of many talents…
"As well as being a DJ, I trained in Lucha Libre, a Mexican wrestling style, in Loughborough."

6. Kamixlo's dream club night is pretty unorthodox...
"It would be in a big spot. DJs and whatever people need... But in the middle of the club there would be a massive wrestling ring. DJs, wrestling all night, drinks. That's what I would do if I had the funds. That's not fully my idea, it's actually mine and my friends idea!"

7. If he could write the theme song for any TV show, it would be...
"I'd write the theme song for Monday Night Raw, so it would stop being so shit. Or not so shit, but just less... bad."

8. He's part of a crew called Bala Club…
It's me, Blaze Kidd, Uli K and END GAME and we have our own radio show. We're working on mixtapes and everything to release, and a website will soon come.

9. One of his favourite lyricist….
"Probably Bladee, from Gravity Boys, A Swedish guy."

10. He'd most like to work with…
"Ok this answer might be kind of terrible.. But there's this wrestling club in Japan called the Bullet Club. I would love to work with them in a way… musically. Maybe make an entrance theme for the wrestlers. That would be fucking amazing."


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