a$ap mob's new video is a psychedelic tribute to their late friend

A$AP Yams is remembered as he rides a white, winged unicorn in 'Yamborghini High'.

by Briony Wright
13 May 2016, 4:28am

A year has passed since A$AP Yams, the talented and well loved A$AP Mob member, sadly died from an accidental overdose. But yesterday we were blessed with the incredible video for the earlier released tribute track Yamborghini High. The track is the first single from the next A$AP Mob project, Cozy Tapes Vol. 1, which is scheduled for release mid year. 

In the epically trippy clip, which gives Lil Yachty's recent mind-bending video a run for it's money in terms of special effects, A$AP Rocky, A$AP FergA$AP Nast and Juicy J wear, at times, colourful bathrobes and head to toe camouflage in scenes that pixellate and morph from the forrest to a driveway in front of a mansion backdrop. It's equal parts funny and sad and another reminder of the awesome talent of this crew.  

The video begins with a cameo by Yams' mother Tatianna Paulino and ends with a glorious shot of Yams riding a white, winged unicorn with streamers in its mane. It's a bizarre, super fun and fitting dedication to the rapper who meant so much to so many. 

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