louis vuitton's latest campaign is a shining example of getting the social vs. super balance right

Natalie Westling, Rianne Van Rompaey, Selena Gomez, Sora Choi and Jean Campbell: Louis Vuitton proves you can have your Instacake and eat it too.

by i-D Staff
20 June 2016, 3:45am

We've entered a new era in fashion: a digital, social era where followers and name recognition count, wether you like it or not. Models are still booked on the strength of their look, but their digital presence matters too. How could it not? When a model has large social following, a single Instagram post can bring a million new eyes to a campaign.

Additionally, booking a celebrity for a campaign guarantees coverage in a slew of mainstream media outlets, beyond the usual fashion glossies. You can't blame designers for indulging, though there is the temptation to overindulge. Can a balance be struck? Can designers create a star-studded campaign that includes a famous face, a social star, and an array of models?

A look at Nicolas Ghesquière's latest Louis Vuitton campaign, for LV Series 5, suggests the answer is yes. The Bruce Weber lensed campaign features Selena Gomez — a household name — alongside established models and fresh faces. Weeks earlier, Ghesquière and Gomez had appeared together on the cover of Vogue Brazil, hinting at "exciting things coming." Here we have it.

Rianne Van Rompaey, who i-D named one of our favourite New Faces in the 35th Anniversary Issue, stars alongside Erika Linde, Sora Choi and Jean Campbell. i-D Spring 2015 covergirl Natalie Westling rounds out the pack, beside newcomer Luisana González. The mix suggest we might just be able to have our cake and eat it too.


Photographs Courtesy @LouisVuitton

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