​watch the first trailer for tarantino's wintry western hateful eight

Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh star in Tarantino's follow-up to Django Unchained.

by Nick Levine
14 August 2015, 12:43am

The first trailer for Quentin Tarantino's next film The Hateful Eight has been released - and it's all snow, guns and death threats. The thrillingly wintry western revolves around what Tarantino calls "a bunch of nefarious guys" played by Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Demián Bichir and Walter Goggins. "Trap those guys together in a room with a blizzard outside, give them guns, and see what happens," is how the writer-director summarises the film's premise.

Tarantino announced last month that Ennio Morricone has signed up to write the film's score -- the first time in 40 years that the legendary Italian composer has scored a western (he contributed old songs to Tarantino's last film, Django Unchained, though). The Hateful Eight, opens in the US on Christmas Day before getting a UK release on January 8.

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