zayn’s new video is super sexy summer fun

Throwing a house PARTYNEXTDOOR, watch the night unfold in the visuals for 'Still Got Time.'

by Francesca Dunn and Frankie Dunn
21 April 2017, 1:31pm

We've "Still Got Time" for Zayn's new track featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR. Shot home-movie-style, the video follows our handsome protagonist through a house party, surrounded by people skating down the stairs, lighting up, grabbing crotches, and pole dancing. If freed nipples, fresh tattoos, and plenty of nice, naked, writhing bodies are the marker of a good party, then this is surely the best. (It also features a tipi and a whole two seconds of Beats product placement).

Atop the tropical house tune, Zayn pretty much tells a girl to chill out because there's plenty of time for love later on. He wants fun, like the track, like the party in the video, like the puntastic: "I know you diggin' my fabric/I'm boyfriend material." Anyway, later on Zayn heads into the garden to find, as one often does the morning after the night before, an alligator walking past his paddling pool and a small monkey on his shoulder. Classic Zayn. 


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