these new audio tattoos claim to let you play your ink out loud

Ink that really speaks to you.

by Hannah Ongley
12 May 2017, 10:56pm

For all the ways 2017 seems to be moving backwards, the world of tattoos is getting more radical by the minute. So how do you make your ink more you when once anti-establishment symbols are showing up on the faces of Gucci models? A Los Angeles-based company called Skin Motion has posed an interesting answer: soundwave tattoos that let your ink literally speak a thousand words. Or at least however many words you can squeeze into a one-minute audio file.

"Have you lost a loved one that you would like to memorialize forever in a way that you can tell their story and share it with the world?" the creators ask on their site. To be honest, that sounds a bit creepy, but the options are basically endless. Think audible cattoos, the dawn chorus of birds, or the Titanic-referencing spoken-word bridge from Britney Spears's "Oops!...I Did it Again." 

Sounds too cool to be true? Well, you might be right. Apparently the internet is so skeptical of augmented reality tattoos that the creators have been uploading YouTube videos demonstrating exactly how the technology works. While the process of getting the ink is simple — record or upload a clip through the app, purchase the design, then take it to a certified artist — so is playing back pre-recorded audio while holding up on iPhone for the cameras. 

Skin Motion is slated to launch in June, so guess we'll find out for sure soon. For now, there's always augmented reality nail art


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