sauve collage bei lucas nascimentos frühlings-/ sommerkollektion 2015

Halb-Halb-Kleider, ein Hauch von 70er und gestrickte Zeichnungen sind der rote Faden durch Lucas Nascimentos Frühlings-/Sommerkollektion fürs kommende Jahr.

von Bojana Kozarevic
27 Oktober 2014, 11:55am


"It was a work-in progress. I wanted to drape, but I wanted it to look young, not old! So when we were working through it, I started to really like the half silhouette and kept playing with it."  Lucas Nascimneto's main experiments this season were the 'half and half' dresses, whereby one side was short and one side long. It was glamorous, with draped chiffons over leather sashaying down the catwalk and giving it a 70s feel that Nascimento is starting to make his own. 

The mix of materials was a wealthy combination of leathers, sheers and silks. "It gives the structure which I love, combining it to elongate or make a half-silhouette more striking and layered", Nascimento told i-D backstage. Leather trousers with light sheer knits definitely made a striking, light summer look whilst the all-white combo was one of the definitive looks of the collection, both sexy and summery!

Lucas Nascimento Spring/Summer 15

It was Nascimento's collaboration with artist Nina Fowler that gave the collection its zest. "It was one of my main inspirations. Her work is very complex pencil drawings, and having loved her work for a while, I really wanted to work with her," Nascimento explained. "We realised her work through the knitted jacquards and the silks". Seeing it up-close and personal, Fowler's work on the clothes was knitted, not printed, showing a complexity that Nascimento really worked on for this collection. Down the catwalk, they made a dramatic swoop of blacks and greys. 

Ultimately, it was about "suavity, lightness and collage", smiled Nascimento. That is was, with dramatic lengths and half-silhouettes and sheer knits culminating in bold yet light collection from Lucas Nascimento.  



Text: Bojana Kozarevic
Fotos: Piczo

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