i-D liebt Diesel und Diesel liebt Berlin. Vom 8.-10. Juli wird es daher während der Fashion Week im Diesel Store Berlin Mitte einen exklusiven Pre-Release der kommenden Fall/Winter-Kollektion von Nicola Formichetti geben.

von i-D Team
18 November 2014, 4:28pm

Jan Kapitän

1. Woher kommst du und was machst du?
Cape Town, South Africa. I am a Buyer for children's sleepwear for a South African retail store.

2. Was bringt dich zur Fashionweek?
It was pure luck, I'm on a holiday from Cape Town and in two weeks there will be Africa fashion week in Cape Town
Whats your reason being at the fashion week?

3. Auf welche Show / Event / Party freust du dich am meisten?
The Berlin fashion film festival, actually.

4. Wie überstehst du diese Woche?
Some things I have to miss out on. I don't have to be everywhere with everybody all the time.

5. Dein ultimativer Fashionweek-Hideaway?
There is too much to do and see. The ultimate hideaway has to be at home in the apartment.

6. Dein ultimativer Fashionweek-Hangout / -Tipp?
Honestly, I have so far enjoyed sitting at the random bridge or park and just watching regular people go about their lives and see how events like fashion week influence main stream fashion.

7. Das Beste an Berlin ist?
The vibe and energy of this city is very energizing and all the different people are fascinating. It's an international city.


Foto: Jan Kapitän