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      video Presented by New Balance 19 June, 2017

      movement: queen moves | presented by new balance

      i-D travels the globe in search of athletic subcultures that are creating a movement in their city through sport. In the first episode of an all new 3-part series, MOVEMENT presented by New Balance, we follow Queen Moves, a dance collective based in New York defying the norms of the dance industry. Their mission is to create a community that supports women and to help dispel the insecurities that many women deal with in modern society. Their choreographies are inspired by women's personal stories - the themes of their routines ranging from political issues to heartbreak. From studio to the streets, watch them transform a personal story about identity loss and discovery into dance and perform it for all of New York. Their journeys remind us that those who are fearlessly independent and defy expectations can make a larger impact on the people around them and the cities they dwell in.

      Topics:watch, video, fashion, dance


      Directed By: Sandra Winther

      Producer: Shelby Bryant
      Associate Producer: Julia Dorin

      Director of Photography: Anthony Carella
      Steadicam: Patrick Morgan
      1st AC: Brandon Yoon
      Sound: Turner Curran
      Photographer: Brad Ogbonna
      Production Assistants: Ethan Greenfield, Zoe Zimski, Jordan Page

      Editor: Margarida Lucas
      Post Producer: Suzanne Kleine
      Additional Editing: Caitlin Carr
      Assistant Editor: Sam Bender
      Motion Graphics: Alex Reyes
      Colorist: Josh Bohoskey
      Composer: Stelios Phili
      Sound Mix: Dean White

      Chief Creative & Commercial Officer: Tom Punch
      Global Executive Producer: Eloise King
      Executive Producer: Dan Bowen
      Executive Creative Director: Amel Monsur
      Commercial Creative Director: Bunny Kinney
      Associate Creative Director: Amanda Kim

      Group Program Manager: Pete King
      Program Manager: Courtney Fedge

      Art Director: Kitron Neuschatz
      Lead Designer: Alex Reyes

      Director of Music: Charlotte Von Kotze
      Music Supervisor: Anita Nedeljkovic

      VP, Legal Affairs: Rick Purcell

      Production Supervisor: Michael May
      Director of Post Production: Rachel Rinkesmith
      Post Production Manager: Nick Savarese

      Imperial Film Company
      New York City Camera Company
      Hand Held Films

      Queen Moves:
      Guerdley Cajus
      Deva Huggins
      Nikki Cherry
      Tania Jean

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