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      beauty i-D Staff 30 May, 2017

      young photographers explore the diversity of beauty today: part one

      What does beauty mean to our favorite young photographers? We asked 12 photographers to explore diversity, body image, and the changing perceptions of beauty with their cameras. In Part One, Alina Negoita, Daisy Walker, Isaac Marley Morgan, and Rosie Harriet Ellis report back.

      This article was originally published by i-D UK. 

      "I think what beauty means to me, is authenticity. Genuine captured emotion, intimacy, and feeling. Something you can't replicate because it existed only in that moment." - Isaac Marley Morgan

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      Photography Isaac Marley Morgan

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      "Beauty is that which is simple, pure, and holds no unnecessary elements to it — it always comes with a certain clarity of feeling." - Alina Negoita

      Photography Alina Negoita 

      "You are beautiful because you say so, you are sexy when and if you say so. Your body belongs to you, and society has no place in defining its worth." Daisy Walker

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      Photography Daisy Walker

      "Everything about the human body is beautiful. Beauty is honesty, trust, and understanding. It may sound painfully cheesy but people forget that." Rosie Harriet Ellis 

      Photography Rosie Harriet Ellis

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