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      fashion i-D Staff 10 May, 2017

      if you're tired of london, you're tired of life

      Tim Walker teams up with hot and cool young stylist Alice Goddard for a shoot on the streets of London, in its newsstands, and amongst its markets, for a celebration of the capital's diversity.

      Kiran wears jacket and skirt National Theatre Costume Hire. Jeans Edwin. Socks stylist 's own. Shoes stylist's own. 

      Andrew wears jacket Prada. T-shirt Margaret Howell. Trousers National Theatre Costume Hire. Socks model's own. Trainers Vintage from Rokit. 

      Chawntell wears jacket and skirt National Theatre Costume Hire. Trainers Converse.

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      Kiran wears hoodie Molly Goddard. Dress Louis Vuitton. Shawl Ashish. Scarf River Island. Scarf and tights Stylist's own. Shoes Marc Jacobs. Chawntell wears Top Baserange. Trousers Hermes. Skirt National Theatre Costume Hire. Socks and shoes stylist's own.

      Kiran wears top stylist's own. Skirt Ashish. Jeans (worn underneath) Edwin. Tight's stylist's own. Jewelry Ashish. Shoes Marni. Andrew wears blazer vintage from Beyond Retro. Tank top Gucci. Trousers and skirt National Theatre Costume Hire. Shoes Converse.

      Kiran wears shirt Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood. Dress (worn underneath) National Theatre Costume Hire. Hat Le Kilt. Jewelry Ashish. 

      Chawntell wears top Baserange. Trousers Hermes. Skirt National Theatre Costume Hire. Socks and shoes stylist's own.

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      Kiran wears dress Louis Vuitton. Tight's stylist's own. Shoes Marc Jacobs. 

      Chawntell wears dress Marni. Shirt AG Jeans. Tie vintage from Beyond Retro. Jewelry Ashish. Shoes Stylist's own.

      Xavier wears jacket and trousers Alexander McQueen. T-shirt Vivienne Westwood. Sunglasses (in hand) General Eyewear. Shoes Converse.
      Chawntell wears dress Giorgio Armani. Boots Adidas. Sunglasses KTZ. Trainers Adidas.

      Komal wears jacket Calvin Klein. Dress and shawl National Theatre Costume Hire. Sunglasses General Eyewear. Trainers Adidas.

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      Kiran wears top stylist's own. Jewelry Ashish. 


      Photography Tim Walker 
      Styling Alice Goddard
      Hair Cyndia Harvey at Streeters using Bumble and bumble
      Make-Up Lucy Bridge at Streeters using M.A.C Pro
      Photography assistance Sarah Lloyd, Tony Ivanov 
      Styling assistance Molly Shillingford, Carlotta Maneschi
      Hair assistance Cat Wyman
      Make-Up assistance Mattie White, Rachel Shram, Stevie Squire
      Production assistance Leslie Borg
      Casting Director Madeleine Østlie at AAMO Casting
      Production Jeffrey Delich
      Models Komal at IMG. Chawntell and Kiran at Storm. Xavier at Select. Andrew Dhesi. Special thanks to Falcon Good Express Ltd

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