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geoffrey lillemon boys and girls

In this original Geoffrey Lillemon documentary, Dr.Alligator examines what it means to be a young male/female and quizzes boys and girls with a rare condition called emotication; a terrible illness causing adverse physical reactions when discussing taste, sight, sound and smell. Embark on a highly educational and incredibly trippy journey into the world of boys and girls in 2014. Discover the answers to frequently asked questions such as "what do boys' hearts taste like?" and "what do girls' eyes look like?" Produced by Valtteri Laihanen and styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois, this is more than a feast for the senses, it's a good-bad colour explosion that'll leave a brilliantly weird taste in your mouth.

Director Geoffrey Lillemon

Producer Valtteri Laihanen
Director of Photography Ryzek
Edit VFX Animation Geoffrey Lillemon Studio 

Camera Assistant Olof Storm
Production Assistant Janneke Verhoeven
Sound Design Ryzek 

Stylist Julia Sarr-Jamois 
Hair Kei Terada at Julian Watson Agency 
Make-up Lucy Burt at D+V Management using M.A.C
Nail Technician Saffron G Evans
Stylist Assistant Rosie Williams 
Hair Assistant Delphine Bonnet 
Make-up Assistant Faye Quinton

Cast Katie Knox as Lady Braces. Joel Jay at Oxygen Models as Shark Eye. Benedict Douglas Stewardson as Nah Strill. Jada Simone as Crunch Patchion. Dr Alligator as Dr Alligator. 

Head of Video Content Danielle Bennison-Brown
Senior Video Commissioner Jack Robinson
Production Manager Tiwirayi Magwenzi
Associate Producer Declan Higgins 

Lady Braces wears clothing all Prada. 
Shark Eye wears top and trousers Issey Miyake. Shoes Balenciaga. 
Crunch Patchion wears dress Valentino. Shoes Christian Dior. 
Nah Strill  wears top and trousers Christopher Shannon. Shoes Kenzo. 


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