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think aloud: the rise of global fashion weeks

Nowadays it’s always Fashion Week somewhere in the world. From Cape Town to Sydney to Tokyo and beyond, the international fashion calendar now criss-crosses every continent except Antarctica. But how are these events changing the industry, and what’s coming next? Our documentary, directed by Tabitha Denholm and made with Mercedes-Benz, explores the worldwide phenomenon of Fashion Weeks through interviews with the industry’s most clued-up insiders. Come chat to the likes of Joan Burstein from Browns, Sarah Mower from the British Fashion Council and Susie Bubble from Style Bubble, and follow us as we trail the never ending Fashion Weeks all around the world!

Director Tabitha Denholm
Executive Producer Jenny Beckett
Junior Producer Natalie Wetherell
Cameramen Oliver Pullin, Ciro Candia
Runners Ieva Sabaliauskaite, Nathalie Ford
Editor Matt Dollings
Sound ToolShed Music

Executive Producer Eddy Moretti
Executive Producer Shane Smith
Executive Producer Suroosh Alvi
Executive Producer Andrew Creighton
Head of Video Danielle Bennison-Brown
Commissioner Jack Robinson