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      how a fashion film is made

      Get a crash course in how our films really come together as we offer exclusive behind the scenes access to i-D's newest film, Clubland, part of our Beautiful Collaborations project made possible by Microsoft. Featuring interviews with directors Santiago and Mauricio as they work together with make up artist Ralph Siciliano, we see the fascinating process of how their vision comes to life and truly presents a marriage of beauty and craft. “We wanted to take the viewer far into the future. Raising a question of where things are going in terms of the next subcultures,” says Santiago. ""All of the work that we produce is focused towards what the future is going to look like in terms of technology, combined with beauty and aesthetics.” "Technology,” adds Mauricio, “is not only an influence - but an inspiration for us.”

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      Video by Bunny Lake Films

      Cinematographer Jessica Bennett
      Additional Cinematography Kate Bennis, Patrick O’Keeffe
      Sound Recordist Nick Hall Bilsback, Jose Ramirez
      Sound Mix Christina Files
      Music Needle Drop Co

      Erin Mommsen, Luka Sabbat at Request Models. Lili Sumner, Pyper America at Next Models. Sarah Brannon at New York Models. Harmony Boucher, Ethan James Green at Ford Models. Grace Bol at Elite Models New York. Antonina Petkovic, Magdalena Jasek, Molly Bair at The Society Management. Hari Nef at IMG. Michael Lockley at Red NYC. Joel Wolfe at Major Model Management. Fernanda Ly at DNA Models. Amy Cakes, Ariel Hauck, Daytona Williams, John Swiatek, Mayuko Sehata.

      Global Group Director of Film & Video Ravi Amaratunga
      Head of Creative Bunny Kinney
      Head of Video Jack Robinson
      Executive Producer Fiona Scott
      Project Manager Wesley Kirschner
      Production Manager Diane Tellarini
      Production Coordinator Tom Ivin
      Researcher Matthew Whitehouse

      Special Thanks
      Santiago and Mauricio, Ralph Siciliano, Simon Rasmussen, Diego DaSilva, Cesar León, Raph Parpex, Cadence Paris, Redhook Labs, Mary Howard Studio, Primate Props, Gaspard Lukali-Lokote at Request Models, Dean Rodgers at Next Models, Cory Bautista at New York Models, Julien Miachon Hobson at Ford Models, Nadia Shahrik at Major Model Management, George Brown at Red NYC, Richie Keo at DNA Models, Cheri Bowen and George Speros at The Society Management and IMG Models.

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