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Music Features Editor Jeremy Abbott wanted to write for i-D from the moment he attempted to buy The Sex Issue with Courtney Love on the cover in WHSmith in Kingston. Aged 19 and with a massive queue behind him, the woman on the checkout screwed her nose up and said: “I cannot let you buy this, you’re not old enough and it is disgusting”. If ever you want somebody to be hooked on anything, opines Jeremy, get a grumpy old bat to tell you, you can’t have it. Knowing Jeremy’s apprenticeship in fanzines (interviewing Kurt Cobain aged 16 for Ablaze fanzine), Ben Reardon made him an editor and the pair worked together conjuring up incredible features with friends and family built up around the world. Glowing highlights over the years include: getting to work closely with the best editors, art directors and photographers in the world, with Terry Jones, Alasdair McLellan and Ben right at the top of this list; then watching Terry Richardson at work in his Bowery studio. Rolling around London with Harmony and Rachel Korine while they lived in the capital, and spending the morning with Malcolm McLaren crying with laughter holding court in his Covent Garden Hotel room. This year has also been a banger with hanging out with ultimate pop rebel, Sky Ferreira right up there. And of course, Jeremy ran from WHSmith to the corner shop and had no trouble finally buying that “disgusting” issue of i-D. Changed his life forever.

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