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Liberating women everywhere with a lick of eyeliner and lip gloss, Art Partner make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury is a woman’s woman. Inspired as a young girl by the effect of a beautiful woman walking into a room, and catalysed by her discovery of mascara, it was then that a 13 year old Charlotte realised the magic of makeup. Growing up between London and Ibiza, a melting pot of creative minds including her painter father, writers, hippies and the club scene, it was while she was living in the latter that she met makeup artist Mary Greenwell who told her to train at the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup, which is exactly what she did. Understanding the innate importance of a polished look, her ability to effortlessly transform a face from bare to breathtaking, is a true art. Bezzies with Kate Moss, high fashion photographers Mario Testino and Mert and Marcus, Charlotte has created a variety of iconic looks for the world’s most prestigious fashion publications. Developing her own makeup range and establishing a YouTube channel instructing viewers how to recreate her red carpet ready looks, Charlotte is the recognised face of sophisticated makeup.


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