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Rapper, restaurateur, model, muse, whatever Michèle Lamy touches with her ink stained, rock-strewn fingers, and smiles at with her diamond encrusted teeth, turns to gold. Stories about her being a witch, a gypsy, of Algerian descent, raised by wolves, and born in a resistance camp in France, have been perpetuated around her all her life. However, the reality is just as interesting: during her twenties, Michèle escaped her rich provincial French upbringing by strip teasing and protesting in Paris. She then moved to LA where she surrounded herself with artists; worked as a cabaret dancer; gave birth to her daughter Scarlett Rouge; and ran Les Deux Cafés, the legendary parking lot restaurant turned trendy nightspot. It was here in LA, that she met her ‘honey’ Rick Owens and hired him as a patternmaker for her clothing line, Lamy. Referring to themselves as The Huns, a group of nomadic settlers, in 2003, Rick and Michèle moved to Paris to work at French fur company Revillon, create their own furniture line, and collaborate on and extend Rick’s eponymous label; they’ve lived and loved here ever since.




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