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When Holly Fulton was growing up in Scotland she wanted to be a vet. But, half way through her Biology, Physics and Chemistry studies, she decided she actually wanted to do something in the arts Holly studied in Edinburgh before going on to the prestigious Masters at the Royal College of Art. She established her eponymous label in 2009 after gaining industry experience in London and Paris.Since then, she has won numerous awards, became part of London’s Fashion East platform, and was awarded sponsorship from the UK's NEWGEN initiative, five seasons in a row. Her label epitomises modern relaxed luxury. Attention to detail, complex graphic embellishment and witty twists are all signatures. Hand rendered, digitally manipulated print coupled with unusual fabrications create strong unified looks, from top to toe.From Jeanne Moreau to Joan Collins, the woman Holly designs for is confident and never shies from attention. Holly is a self-confessed hoarder (her best find was a Chanel suit which she got for £100 from a charity shop). Like the rest of us, she loves to get down to Mambo No. 5 and she wouldn’t say no to a rum ‘n’ pineapple.


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