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Sweeter than the spoils of a Halloween spent trick-or-treating, Ashley Williams’s e-number fuelled collections are ecstatically emblazoned with everything from candy-prints and cigarettes to the eponymous and rapturous ‘Happy Ashley’ logo, which she recreated from an old piece of wrapping paper. Ashley’s collections cram in the references, from mid-century Americana to early noughties frayed denim and her ‘SUBSCRIBE’ print brings us right up to the dot com era. Since graduating from The University of Westminster, Ashley has been showing her collections with Fashion East, alongside her friends and contemporaries Ryan Lo and Clare Barrow. Having whisked us around a trashy tour of Texas for her headline-grabbing graduate collection, Ashley opened a forgotten teen-zine of Elvis, and reignited the flames of fan girl crushes. Seen through her smiling eyes, the stars, stripes and slogans of the States are seductive once more. Her front row is always a star-studded affair and her designs were worn by Rihanna on the London leg of her 777 tour. Echo the King and be girl happy.

Describe yourself... Sad, happy, livid, funkyoffish, lev.
Favourite place? Trocadero.


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