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While studying Graphic Design at Parsons, NYC, Jersey-born, New York based photographer Ryan McGinley began following the scent of youth and rebellion, shooting his friends on the Lower East Side. Cool kids, skater-boys, indie girls and hippies, shot out in the wild, underwater or in his studio, the people in Ryan’s photos are the kind you want be and be with. Embarking on a road trip every summer, armed with fresh faces and fresh rolls of film, Ryan became famous for shooting his subjects in extreme conditions, losing themselves in the moment. “These people are caught in a religious moment and mostly unaware of my camera''. His most recent work is a series of portraits entitled Yearbook, a playful mix of nude kids and brightly coloured backgrounds, in the format of a yearbook. With his captivating portrayal of youth, exquisite treatment of colour, and emphasis on natural beauty, Ryan continues to be one of the most prolific photographers of his generation.




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