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Born 1984 in Southern California, Colin Dodgson moved to New York in 2006 and started taking pictures. Concentrating on the awkwardness of youth and its random sparks, his photographs are the art of the unexpected. Capturing models with their legs above their heads, his subjects are always doing something weird, never just standing still and looking pretty. Shooting boys in Nike socks with i-D Fashion Director Alastair McKimm for The Wise Up Issue, Winter 2012, and most recently love’s young dream Charlotte Free and boyfriend Gryphon O’Shea for The Creative Collaborators Issue, Fall 2013, Colin has fast become an i-D favourite and is one of the most exciting new photographers working today. 

Describe yourself in 5 words… Let me think about it.
What would you be doing if you weren’t a photographer? 
Probably surfing or actually, I have no idea.
What is your career highlight?
Whenever I make a photograph that feeling is a new favourite.
What is your favourite…
Film? 2001 A Space Odyssey and, A Fish Called Wanda.






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