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Once upon a time Reebok was a British brand, named after an African antelope and producing running shoes from the bright lights of Bolton. Founded by J.W. Foster in 1895 and now owned by adidas, the sportswear legend is a big player in the American sports market and until recently owned the rights to make the NFL kits and all the Raiders/Giants/Dolphins hats, t-shirts and mugs that tourists keep in business. They like an attention grabbing ad campaign, with past contributions including the slogan ‘cheat on your girlfriend, not your workout’ and billboards pasted with a hot pant-clad Miranda Kerr showing off her yoga skills. Reebok also produce shoes for Emporio Armani, have a super sweet girls line designed by Scarlett Johansson and a signature shoe for Jay-Z, who may not have much sporting prowess to emulate, but who does have some pretty heavy dancing to keep up with at home.


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